The 8 Ate's of Comedy

28 March 2020

Sometimes I think of really silly things when I am trying to sleep. For some reason the other night I started thinking about comedy, and I came up with the 8 ate’s of comedy.

With all the bad news in the world right now, this is something silly just for fun.

1. Exaggerate

Exaggeration is a a powerful comedic tool; wether it be exaggerating the details of a story, or even physical over-exaggeration.

2. Co-ordinate

Coordination is key to finding that perfect comedic moment. Timing is everything.

3. Participate

Comedy is just funnier with more people involved. You might be telling a story where you utilise your friends to play their parts in the hilarious anecdote, or you may have a more formal audience. Either way, laughing with people is better than laughing alone!

4. Animate

Animation, movement. One of my favourite comedians is Lee Evans who is often dripping in sweat by the end of his stand up routine, because he moves so much!

5. Relate

The best comedy is relatable comedy, that’s why observational comedy is the most common form of comedy used by stand up comedians.

Here is some meta-observational comedy by Rob Thomas:

6. Anticipate

Building up a story, building up the tension, not knowing when the punch line is going to kick in. Climaxes are much more enjoyable with lots of build up!

Check back soon for an example of a joke that does this.

7. Extrapolate

When a kid says "smell my hand," it almost never smells like cinnamon.

Allowing the recipient of the joke to extrapolate or find the hidden meaning, can cause a slight delay to laughter, but is often more enjoyable once they have figured it out.

What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

8. Impersonate

They could be impersonating an animal or doing an impression of someone famous. The debate about wether a bad impersonation is funnier than a good one rages on.

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