Swift and iOS Conferences in 2021

7 January 2021

One of my goals for 2019 was to attend 3 iOS conferences, so I could connect with more of the community and accelerate my learning of Swift. It started off well when I attended my first ever conference at dotSwift in Paris. I even wrote a blog post about the experience. The other two conferences I was going to attend were Hacking with Swift Live and iOSDevUK. Then, covid happened. Thankfully, Hacking with Swift Live was able to go ahead and Paul Hudson did a fantastic job of hosting it remotely. There was a lot of SwiftUI content and I was much more capable than when I attended dotSwift, so I was able to get a lot out of the experience.

As I look ahead at 2021 - one thing I am certain is I want to keep attending more conferences. Who knows? Maybe I will even present at one someday?

While coronavirus is a limiting factor for conferences at the moment, it's also more important than ever that as a community we attend and help support people who may be struggling with a loss of income. It's also an unique opportunity to attend conferences that may have been out of reach before - for example iOSConfSG is usually hosted in Singapore but is now accessible to the entire world because they have decided to run the conference virtually.

Below is a list of all the Swift or iOS related conferences that have been announced so far this year. I will update this post once a month to ensure it will always have up to date information. You can also follow me on twitter to make sure you don't miss any updates.

Conferences announced

Conference Date Location Price* Other Notes
iOSConfSG 21st-22nd January Virtual $90 / £66 There are also workshops on the 18th and 19th of January at an additional cost.
AddConf 23rd June, 25th June Barcelona, Spain $673 / £496 There is a workshop on the 24th June at an additional cost.
360iDev 22nd-25th August Denver, Colorado $500 / £368 (early bird)
Swift Island 25th-27th August Texel, Netherlands $980 / £722 You will get two days of workshops, four days of lodging in a shared cabin (private rooms) and all the food you need during your stay. The kicker - it’s on an island!
Swift Leeds 7th October Leeds, UK $176 / £120 (early bird)
* Prices converted to USD and GBP using online converters. Actual prices may differ.

Have I missed one of your favourite conferences? Reach out to me on twitter to let me know!

Conferences not yet announced

try! Swift Tokyo
App Builders
Hacking with Swift: Live!
iOS Dev UK
Swift Heroes
Swift Alps
Do iOS
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