I've been listening to podcasts for years, and like many other cruious creatives I wanted to learn about recording and editing a podcast. In 2019 I started a podcast called Dev Brewed which was great fun and helped me understand how to record high quality audio, and how long a podcast can take to edit for the perfectionsists of the world!

Dev Brewed ran for only 5 episodes, as both me and my co-host were struggling to find the time to record regularly. It's archive can be found on this page.


While I am not currently hosting a podcast, it is a medium that I want to get more involved in and I will gladly guest on any podcasts should the opportunity arise. I've got good quality recording equipment and I know how to use audio hijack. I am also very opinionated!

If you would like me to guest on your podcast, then you can reach out via Email.

Here are podcasts that I have previously made guest appearances on:

Dev Brewed

Dev Brewed is a podcast exploring the start up woes of an independent iOS developer and the founder of a micro brewery, with occasional Apple talk. It was hosted by Dominic Williams (creator of the App Moderation) and Glenn White (founder of a Micro Brewery called Brew Monster)